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We strive hard to make sure your experience of buying an Angeldust kitten is as pleasurable and as smooth as possible. This section explains what happens once you have reserved your kitten.

Within a few weeks of us receiving your deposit we will send you three emails:
  • A kitten shopping list so that you can have everything ready and prepared before you take your kitten home
  • A kitten care sheet containing a wealth of advice on how best to take for your Bengal kitten
  • A settling in sheet containing information that will help your new kitten adjust to his or her new home
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Please read these carefully as they provide important information that will allow your kitten to acclimatise to his or her new home as quickly as possible.

Your kitten’s release date will have been made clear to you at the time of reservation. You have seven days from this date to collect your kitten. If you would like us to look after your kitten for a little longer (for example, if you have a holiday booked or a family event), we will be more than happy to do so at a boarding cost of £7 per day. This is payable in advance. Failure to collect a kitten within the agreed time frame will mean that the kitten will be resold with no refund of deposit.

When you come to collect your kitten, you will need to bring:

  • A cat carrier, with a blanket to go inside
  • The balance in cash. We do not accept cheques. If you wish to pay the balance by bank transfer, this must be received by us 3 days before collection.

Handover of your new kitten will take approximately 45 minutes so please try your very best to be on time.

You will leave us with:

  • Your kitten
  • Microchip documents
  • A copy of the signed kitten contract
  • Vaccination card
  • A goody bag containing samples of food, toys and information
Your kitten will be registered with TICA. This documentation will be released to you once you have provided proof of neutering. This must be done before the kitten reaches six months of age.

In the week prior to collecting your kitten, you will need to register him or her with a vet and book an appoinment for a health check to take place within 48 hours of your kitten leaving us here. This will then validate your health guarantee.
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Contact Us

When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker reponse, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.