TICA Registered Bengal Breeders

We are a TICA and GCCF registered small, in-home cattery, based in South Manchester, and are conveniently located close to the airport, motorways and other major road networks. We only breed Bengals and are a cageless cattery that only raise our cats and kittens in an ethical and responsible way.

All our cats, including our stud boy, live at home with us, as part of our loving family. This means that they have constant human interaction, even sleeping on our beds at night. Each of our cats and kittens are given personal care and lots of love, and we truly understand the personality of each one.

We strive to breed stunningly beautiful kittens, true to the Bengal breed standard, with large rosetting and copious amounts of glitter. We work particularly hard to make sure we breed healthy kittens that have robust immune systems, with no expense spared to achieve this. Our kittens are exceptionally well socialized from birth, and thus make wonderful companions. We are passionate about the Bengal breed and have a constant appetite and enthusiasm to keep researching and learning about these very remarkable cats, so that we are always raising the barre in terms of what we do and achieve here.

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